We love IT, video games and comics and much more!

IT hobby projects, they tend to start in a basement, garage, or dormitory and so did this blog to. During my college time I learnt programming. In my father’s garage I learnt how to build things. And in my grandparents’ basement I learnt to love comics – when I discovered my mother’s comics collection.

This blog combines my biggest interests: IT, video games and comics. I started this blog because many of my friends said I should write about my hobby projects. They think more people than I could find use of them or just enjoy them.

To my help I have Maria and Mishka. Maria is a young, intelligent girl. She is full of energy and is always eager to learn new things. Mishka is a lazy bear but now and then he comes up with great ideas. Together they will help me out with this blog. All three of us love IT, video games and comics!