NESPi Project Part 2 – The Case, bottom part

In the second part we will look at the bottom case. How to unscrew all electronics and how to clean and restore the case.

Quick Guide

  1. Remove all components in the bottom case.
  2. Clean the case, protect all original stickers with covering plastics.

Step 1 – Remove All the Components

Remove the screws holding the RF shield (six screws):

Screws holding the main RF shield NES

Remove the cartridge slot (two longer screws, orange), (four ordinary screws, red):

Screws holding cartridge slot

Remove the screws for the controller ports (two very short screws under the case):

screws for the controller ports

Gentle remove the plastics holding the controller ports, then remove the cable lugs:

remove the cable lugs for the controller ports

Now, remove the final screws. Two smaller screws for the power and reset button’s board (orange). And three screws holding the main board (red):

final screws  to remove everythin from the case

Now you can remove everything attached to the case. Be prepared to see a lot of dust!

Step 2 – Cleaning

Just like the top case in part 1 of this blog series, I cleaned the bottom case in warm water and soap. But before I did that I paid extra attention to the original stickers. I cleaned the stickers gently with a microfiber towel. After that I cut small pieces of hard plastics and applied them with scotch tape over the stickers. I did that to protect them from the water. Immediately after I cleaned the case I removed the scotch and the plastics.

Image of the small plastic pieces to protect the stickers:

plastics to protoect the stickers on the case

Info. I also retro brighted the case for a few hours. Before I applied the hydrogen peroxide I used the same small plastic pieces to protect the stickers on the bottom and on the sides.

Image from part 1 in this series. Cleaning in warm water and soap:

cleaning water and soap

Step 3 – Rubber feet

Info. There are after market rubber feet to buy for the NES.

Rubber feet NES

  1. I glued one loose foot back with super glue.
  2. I bought the best rubber feet I could find in my local electronics store.

Step 4 – Conclusion

Not much to say. This blogpost was much about cleaning.

compare dirty NES case with clean case
compare dirty NES case with clean case

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