On the Internet and in retro gaming communities, Eartbound to the SNES is a game that receives a lot of love. I had to check it out! And if you have never played it, I strongly suggest you do!

What really got me to like the game so much is the atmosphere. It is a RPG game, but instead of taking place in a fantasy world, this world is more down to earth =) Instead of fighting with swords, you use baseball bats and fry pans. The whole game is a feel-good experience with a lot of charming moments and humor.  Too bad the menus haven’t aged very well. Playing the game, you will be frustrated from time to time because of the tedious inventory system.

Maria and Mishka are playing Eartbound

I really enjoyed the Happy Happy Village part, when you must rescue Paula and restore the town (all painted in blue) from a cult that wants the whole world blue!

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