Other Settings Before Installing BizTalk

Here is a list of settings you should consider before installing BizTalk Server. I will cut some corners in this post, I will link certain steps to a guide I wrote before, about how to install BizTalk on a single machine. Some steps are the same.


COM+ Remote Access

You must manually allow remote access for COM+.

Note. In my Lab environment I have turned off Windows Firewall. In a production environment you must open port 135 and allow Com+ Network Access and Com+ Remote Administration in the Firewall.

You must set a value in the registry manually.

Start-> type: Regedit-> Enter.

Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\COM3. Right click RemoteAccessEnabled. Enter 1 as value:

registry com3

Note! Do this for all the SQL and BizTalk Servers!

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Install Visual Studio 2015 (If you need to develop on the machine)

Guide: https://www.raspberryfield.life/2019/03/24/install-biztalk-server-2016-on-a-single-machine/#BP023-bts-vs2015

Note! You don’t need to Install Visual Studio if you are not going to develop on any of the machines. If you choose to not install Visual Studio, you can’t install the Adpater SDK from the BizTalk setup. However, this SDK is only used for development purpose, I guess.

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Install Visual C++ redistributable package

https://www.raspberryfield.life/2019/03/24/install-biztalk-server-2016-on-a-single-machine/#BP023-bts-vcpp [2019-05-13]

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Install SQL Server Management Studio

https://www.raspberryfield.life/2019/03/24/install-biztalk-server-2016-on-a-single-machine/#BP023-bts-ssms [2019-05-13]

All servers in a BizTalk Group needs the SSMS to be installed.

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Install .NET 3.5 & .NET Framework 3.5

https://www.raspberryfield.life/2019/03/24/install-biztalk-server-2016-on-a-single-machine/#BP023-bts-net [2019-05-13]

Some parts of BizTalk, adapters etc. rely on earlier .NET frameworks.

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Install SQL XML 4

https://www.raspberryfield.life/2019/03/24/install-biztalk-server-2016-on-a-single-machine/#BP023-bts-xml4 [2019-05-13]

Installs on the database server. Helps development with XML and SQL.

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Account configurations – Add Windows Account to Administrator Group

https://www.raspberryfield.life/2019/03/24/install-biztalk-server-2016-on-a-single-machine/#BP023-bts-admingroup [2019-05-13]

Join the BizTalk Administrators Group in the AD to the local Administrator group on the BizTalk Server.

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Enable IIS

https://www.raspberryfield.life/2019/03/24/install-biztalk-server-2016-on-a-single-machine/#BP023-bts-enableiis [2019-05-13]

BizTalk needs the IIS to be enabled.

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Event Log Configuration

https://www.raspberryfield.life/2019/03/24/install-biztalk-server-2016-on-a-single-machine/#BP023-bts-eventlog [2019-05-13]

Some configurations you should check in event viewer.

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SQL Server Express – Remove

If you have installed Visual Studio locally on your BizTalk Server, chances are that Visual Studio has installed its versions of SQL Server. These versions can cause conflicts during the BizTalk installation. Remove these three installations, if you have them:

remove sql express

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SSDT installation

If you are aiming for a full installation, and you want to use Analysis Services remotely you need to install some software related to this locally on your BizTalk Server:

SQL misc installation media

The installation medias can be downloaded from various sites on Microsoft.

If you don’t do this, you will get this error “Microsoft SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) 2016 or higher for BAM Archiving is not installed on the local machine.”:

SSDT Error

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This post was just a final checklist before installing BizTalk.

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