Install BizTalk Server 2016 on a single machine

This post is about how to set up a lab environment for BizTalk Server 2016 locally on your PC. BizTalk is an integration platform from Microsoft.



Recently I have been working with BizTalk Server for the first time.

When I encounter something new that I want to learn in a short period, I’d like to learn by doing. That approach naturally leads to that I will mess things up and break things. Great way of learning – but not a great approach in an environment shared by other colleagues.

BizTalk is a complex system. It is not that kind of software that you download an .exe-file, executes and just click next-next-finish. And it is a server installation. I decided to write a blogpost about how to set up BizTalk locally on your PC, so you can start blowing things up without causing problems with your colleagues.

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Briefly about BizTalk

BizTalk is an integration platform from Microsoft. The idea is to provide a comprehensive platform full of adapters to common system and technologies. BizTalk contains all the building blocks you need to create a modern integration platform for your enterprise. (Although, it is getting more and more commonly to build integrations in Microsoft’s cloud service –  Azure). BizTalk has been around for many years, it is more of a classic ‘on premise’ software that you install in your datacenter.

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BizTalk Server 2016 is a server installation software. That means that you need a Windows Server OS to make it run properly. To fix that you need to virtualize a machine with that OS.

  1. Here is a blogpost that explains how to set up a Hypervisor (Hyper-V) that can virtualize a Windows 2016 Server (You need Windows 10 Pro on your PC to enable Hyper-V): [2019-03-22]
  2. Here is a post that explains (with images) how to install Windows Server 2016 on a virtual machine: [2019-03-22]

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BizTalk Server 2016 Requirements

This is a summary of the requirements to develop in and setup BizTalk Server 2016. How to install these requirements are described in their own sections. Table present suggested order of installation.

BizTalk Server 2016 Requirements
Name of Software/Config Purpose Download
Windows Server 2016 OS OS compatible with BizTalk 2016. [2019-03-22]
Visual Studio Professional 2015 (with Update 3) IDE for developing BizTalk 2016 applications. [2019-03-22]
Visual C++ redistributable package 2013 Library for Visual Studio to handle code written in Visual C++ [2019-03-23]
SQL Server 2016 SQL Server for BizTalk’s databases. [2019-03-22]
SQL Server 2016 Configurations Ensure performance in BizTalk Server n/a
SQL Server Management Studio IDE for SQL Server Start download from SQL Server Installation Center
.NET 3.5 & .NET Framework 3.5 Library for developing and running applications on Windows. Add the feature from Turn Windows Features on or Off.
SQL XML 4 (SP1) Requirement for BizTalk Server runtime. [2019-03-22]
Account configurations Account must be member in local Administrators group. n/a
Enable IIS Needed for web communications in BizTalk Add the feature from Turn Windows Features on or off.
Event Log Configuration Prevent the event log to corrupt BizTalk Server installation. n/a
BizTalk Server 2016 Includes BizTalk Server, BizTalk Adapters and ESB Toolkit [2019-03-23]

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Install Windows Server 2016

Follow the installation guide suggested under prerequisites.

VM with Windows Server 2016 trail, available for 180 days.

This is my setup in Hyper-V:

setup hyper-v

The VM is connected to the default switch so I have internet connection by default via my PC.

Tip! Create a checkpoint in Hyper-V after each installation in this guide.

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Install Visual Studio 2015

How to download Visual Studio 2015 Professional with Update 3.

  1. Browse to:
  2. Click on the year 2015.
  3. Click on the button Download.
  4. Sign in with you Microsoft account (don’t have one? It’s free to create).
  5. Now, browse to Visual Studio Professional 2015 with Update 3:
    download Visual Studio 2015
  6. Download the .exe file.

Once you have the file, save it on your server (VM) e.g.: C:\Installed Softwares\VS2015

How to install Visual Studio 2015

  1. Execute the file as Administrator and installation will begin.
    install VS 2015
  2. Chose Default and Install:
    default install VS2015
  3. This will take a while. (Note! Internet connection required):
    installing VS2015
  4. Launch (It will take a while to actually launch):
    Launch VS2015
  5. When prompted to sign in (don’t need to do it now) chose Not now, maybe later.
  6. Choose your theme preferences and start Visual Studio (This will take a while to):
    theme selection VS2015

Congratulations! You have now installed Visual Studio 2015 compatible with BizTalk 2016.

Info. The SDK for developing BizTalk projects will come with the BizTalk installation itself. Now, You can’t start a BizTalk Project in Visual Studio.

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Install Visual C++ redistributable package

Note! The 2013 version of Visual C++ redistributable package is required, even though Visual Studio 2015 is being used.

Download at [2019-03-23] :

downlaod visual cpp

Click on the link above and a download of the file vcredist_x64.exe will start.

Install the software (as Administrator) and restart the computer:


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Install SQL Server 2016 (with Service Pack 2)

How to download SQL Server 2016 (evaluation):

  1. Download files at: [2019-03-22]
    download sql server 2016
    Once you have the file, save it on your server (VM) e.g.: C:\Installed Softwares\SQL2016
  2. Execute the file as Administrator. A download wizard will start: Choose Custom:
    sql server custom download
    Choose download location (yes, it says install but it is actually a download):
    download location sql server 2016
    Download of all files and .exe will start (download and extract will take a while):
    download sql 2016

How to install SQL Server 2016 SP2:

Go to the download location and browse to: C:\SQLServer2016Media\Evaluation_ENU execute the SETUP.EXE file as Administrator and choose New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation:

New SQL Server 2016 Installation

SQL Server 2016 Setup will start:

Table show settings in the different sections:

Step Selection
Product Key Evaluation
License Terms I accept…
Global Rules [Make sure the test passes.]
Microsoft Update Don’t use the Microsoft Update check. With this option, setup will skip some steps.
Product Updates n/a
Installation Setup Files n/a
Installation Rules [Make sure the test passes.]
Feature Selection See [2019-03-22] and Image below in this section.
Instance Configuration MSSQLSERVER (default)
Server Configuration Default settings
Database Engine Configuration Mixed Mode with sa account and add current user (Administrator).
Analysis Service Configuration/td> Default settings and add current user
Reporting Services Configuration Default settings
Consent to install Microsoft R Accept
Feature Configuration Rules Test must pass
Ready to install Install

Info. Feature Selection:

SQL Server feature selection
  • Database Engine Services
  • SQL Server Replication
  • R Service (In-Database)
  • Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search
  • Analysis Service
  • Reporting Services – Native
  • Client Tools Connectivity
  • Integration Services

The installation will take some time.

When the Install has completed:

completed install SQL Server 2016

You must restart the computer after the installation completed.

Here is a simple test from the command prompt if the SQL Server is up and running:

cmd sql test

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SQL Server 2016 Configurations

Disable Shared memory

When installing SQL Server and BizTalk Server on the same machine, it impacts the performance on BizTalk server negative. With a simple configuration we can avoid this unwanted behavior.

Go into the computer management (right click Start). Click your way to the dialog showed on the image and set Shared Memory Properties – Enable to NO:

SQL configuration shared memory

Now, as described in the prompt, restart (stop and start) the service:

sql config start stop service

Read more about it here: [2019-03-22]

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Install SQL Server Management Studio

This tool is not a requirement for BizTalk Server. However, it is the most common IDE for MS SQL and it will be handy to have it on the same machine while learning BizTalk.

Install it from SQL Server Installation Center:

ssms tools

Link will take you to download page:

download ssms

The installation is pretty straight forward. Run the .exe file as Administrator.

ssms install

Restart the computer.

Open Microsoft SQL Server Management studio 17 (SSMS).

Connect to the SQL Server installed on your computer:

SSMS connect SQL Server

Now you will be connected to the local SQL server and you can manage it from SSMS.

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Install .NET 3.5 & .NET Framework 3.5

Add the features in Turn Windows Features on or off:

dotnet features

Info. If prompted to add a path, it is: D:\sources\sxs.

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Install SQL XML 4

Note! SQL XML 4 can’t be installed without .NET 2.0 (Which is included in .NET 3.5)

Download SQL XML 4.0 SP1 at: [2019-03-22]

Download SQL WML 4.0

Choose sqlxml_x64.msi and download it.

Screenshot from the installation:

install sqlxml4

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Account configurations – Add Windows Account to Administrator Group

The account you use for installing BizTalk Server must be a member of the local Administrators group

Join Admin group: Start-> Computer Management-> Local Users and Groups-> Groups-> Administrators-> Make sure your account is in this group:

admin account

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Enable IIS

From Windows Features.

Add the Web Server (IIS) Role:

enable iis

Enable all IIS options:

enable iis

And finally install the new roles / features.

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Event Log Configuration

Sometimes the Event Log can grow too big. If that happens during BizTalk Server installation, it wont properly be installed. To prevent this unwanted behavior, do the following:

Start-> Event Viewer-> Windows Log-> right click; Application-> Properties-> Overwrite events as needed.

event viewer

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Install BizTalk Server 2016

Download BizTalk 2016 Evaluation ISO:

download biztalk

Once you have the file, right click and mount it:

mount iso

Run the .exe file in BizTalk Server folder as Administrator:

exe run as admin

Chose Install Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016:

bts installer wizard

User name:

license product key

Accept the license terms:

bts accept license

Next, chose if you want to participate in the evaluation program:

evaluation program options

If you want to install all features of BizTalk Server, you must choose them under Additional Software (I aim for a full install):

bts features

Safest is to choose Automatically install the redistributable prerequisites from the web:

auto install from web

Finally, Install:

bts installing...

Wait for the installation:

bts installing...

Chose Windows update or not:

Windows Update

Finish the installation:

bts installation finished

Launch the BizTalk Server Configuration.

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BizTalk Server Configuration

Chose Custom Configuration and chose an account from the local Administrators Group. My account is named Administrator:

custom configuration

We need to start some configurations, we have to walk through all the sections in the left pane:

overview configurations

Enterprise SSO:

Choose Create a new SSO system.


In the left pane, click on Enterprise SSO Secret… Choose a password with at least 7 characters.

sso password



Uncheck 32-bit only if you are running a 64 bit server.

BizTalk Runtime:


Business Rules Engine:

rule engine

BAM Tools:

BAM tools

Enable BAM alerts:

I won’t be using BAM alerts (That includes configuration for a mail server etc.):

BAM alerts

BAM Portal:

BAM Portal

BizTalk EDI/AS2 Runtime:


Now, go back to overview and click Apply Configuration:

apply configurations

An installation wizard will open, click next:

installation configurations

This step will take a while:

installing configurations

You want everything to be successful:

installation configurations completed

Now you can go back to the overview page and see the status:

overview green status

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Install Microsoft BizTalk Adapters

Mount the disk again and go to the setup.exe file again.

This time run the installation for Install Microsoft BizTalk Adapters:

Bts adapters

Chose custom install for the adapter:

custom install adapters

Settings for installation:

custom setup


bts install adapters

Repeat the step above for the next two adapters. They are all fairly equal in installation steps.

The last adapter will be slightly different to install:

last adapter install

Chose custom:

custom install last adapter

Custom Install:

custom install adapter

This is your goal with the BizTalk Adapter Installation:

complete install bts adapters

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Install BizTalk ESB Toolkit (Optional)

For a complete install from the ISO, also choose to install ESB toolkit:

ESB toolkit

Next step:

ESB 2nd step install

Finish install:

ESB Installation complete

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Finishing of

After you have installed BizTalk Server, a SDK for developing BizTalk Applications has been added. You can now start developing BizTalk Project from Visual Studio 2015:

Bts project VS2015

BizTalk Server Administration Console is the application where you will administrate all your BizTalk applications:

Bts check

Make sure that the SQL Server Agent is running (right click start.):

SQL Server Agent

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Honestly, this is a mess. To get BizTalk up and running and all the steps you have to walk through… I just wish you good luck with BizTalk.

BizTalk – a very consultant friendly system.

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Microsoft’s official BizTalk Documentation, [2019-03-22]

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